Hello and Welcome!

The first meditations of the series are here. I have created easy and effective sessions with you in mind. You will be guided 100 per cent and you can’t get it wrong. Just show up, you will feel better and learn ways to feel better more often. This simple and intentional act brings benefits in endless ways. When you practice self-care and proceed lovingly, others that share that energy start showing up for you.  It’s Law, one of the many Laws of the Universe. 

These are easy and simple to follow meditation for relaxation and you will bask in the feelings of peace and calm. This is real talk, real words about real life stuff so it helps us all move forward from wherever we choose to presently stand. It’s not uncommon, in a session with me, to experience some real and honest moments of awareness. Why? Well, my part of all of this is to help you remove any contrasting garbage that’s holding you back or thoughts, ideas, points of view that are blocking you for some, mostly stupid, reasons. (I get it, trust me). We knock this contrast  right out of the park….forever and ever. So get ready for a releasing session that’s completely 100 per cent guided and approachable for everyone.
You will receive nothing but love during these meditations. This sessions are also Light Infused with Universal Intentions.

Meditation has become a very important part of my life.  It took me some time to get to a point of it actually working in my favor or making sense to me.  During this process I have realized it doesn’t have to be difficult and unapproachable for anyone.  So now I get to share this understanding with you. 

These meditations are recorded Live with the intention that you allow yourself to receive all that you need.

Oh, and by the way, you wouldn’t be here if you were not suppose to be. I am a huge fan of synchronicities. 11:11, anyone?

OK, enough reading. Please have fun with this and don’t take it too seriously. If you fall asleep it’s perfectly fine. This is one place that can be considered a success if you fall asleep while performing it. We tend to doze off when we are in a place of total non-resistance. Now. Go ON. Settle in & press play.

You have single-handedly have created a huge energetic impact and upgrade to everything that is GOOD!!!!
So again, I thank you.
I am grateful to and for you.

Below you will find all the healing meditations that are currently available.  These offerings will be not like any offerings you will find somewhere else.  This is all LIGHT!

Each meditation will have a description. BTW, I create custom live recorded meditations as well.

This practice will create a path for clearing out contrast, as you balance, align and heal all many levels.

Again, all you have to do is settle in and listen as you follow along. Oh, and breathe, but I will even que you on the breath work.

Enjoy! And thank you, 

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Meditation is the single best thing you can do for your mental, emotional & physical health. This extremely simple and informative session was created with that previous statement in mind.

Welcome to Mind. Set. Go. Meditation

We begin by using simple ways to clear the mind, relax & calm the body which creates a feeling of total freedom. Once we are in that place of freedom and non-resistance the real magical benefits begin.

This easy to follow and 100 per cent completely guided visual meditation is focused on clearing, balancing and aligning the physical, emotional, mental/intelligent, energetic/etheric layers of the body which allows us to move forward in all directions. All of these areas are connected and have an influence and imprint on each other.

Remember to keep it simple, keep in light, and keep it real. And if you forget any of that, I got your back. Let’s GO* – it’s time.

*Fun and High Vibes are included.

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This is an easy and simple guided meditation for relaxation and to bring in feelings of peace and calm.  This is real talk (adult ears only) about real life stuff so it helps us move forward from wherever we are we choose to stand.  You quietly (in your own mind) have some real and honest moments with yourself during with session.  Why? Well, it’s my job to help you remove any contrasting garbage that’s holding you back or blocking you for a reason.  We knock it right out….forever and ever.  So get ready for a releasing session that’s completely 100 per cent guided and approachable for everyone.  Again, no kids allowed for this one, lol.

We jump right in at the gate as we learn to observe our BS and we start to Clear, Balance and Align Our Very Own BS, and on many levels. Can you visualize color? And you breathe in and out?  Great, so we got this.  You got this.

This mindful approach will give you tools to use in this every life, in the everyday World that surrounds us.

Do you know why you are a BADASS?  I do and I tell you in our audio session.

Welcome….and Thank You for Being Here.

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I feel that meditation in the morning is like a “Pay It Forward” for your whole day.
Start your day in the most positive way and I make it super easy.  All you do is put in some earbuds and follow along.
Imagine starting the day with a clear mind, relaxed body and souring spirit.
Keep it Simple.
Keep it Light. 
Keep it Real. 
Handle Yourself. 
This will do it.  Enjoy!!!

4 Guided

Alignment Meditations

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I am excited to hear about the amazing results you will experience listening to 1 or all 3 of these sessions.  I say sessions because the focus and intention are to HEAL in the most approachable ways possible. 

I share this approach with the tools that bring nothing more than what you are intending.  Do you want to feel better?  Do you want things are line up without focusing or begging for things to be easier.  These sessions assist in all of that and way, way more. 

Each of these sessions are embedded with Light and the Codes that begin the Next Level of Conscious Healing.  If you don’t understand that part, you will when you are finished with this series.